Sales Managers

You have quotas to meet and sales data to measure—not just for yourself, but for your
entire team. And even if that team only consists of 2–3 other people, managing them
takes up a lot of your time (not to mention money, energy and other resources). You need

When even sales scripts don’t seem to do the trick, how do you best train your team?
Let Kealah Parkinson do it for you. Her workshops and coaching packages are custom-
tailored to your team’s needs. From customer service seminars to business leadership
coaching and straight-up sales coaching, all communications coaching by Kealah
Parkinson enhances the innate skills of each of your team members, plus uses the soft
skills training materials (such as the PDF workbook, Speak Your Truth: How to Say
What You Mean to Get What You Want) to instill the added know-how that gives your
sales team the edge over your competitors.

Here’s what some of Kealah’s coaching and workshop clients say about their

“You’ve changed my life, one lesson at a time.”

– Apryl Niksch, Foundation Regional Director, Wittenberg Lutheran Village


“My biggest takeaways from today’s workshop: great ways to break the ice with a new customer and transition sentences with clients. … I am open to learning about everything.”

– Talytha Holtz, Sales Representative, Your Values Magazine


“I loved this workshop!!”

– Jerry Murdock, Owner, Your Values Magazine


“[Kealah] does a great job of getting you to really figure out what makes you tick as a professional. She has the uncanny ability to uncover your areas that you may be uncomfortable with and turn them into your strength. Kealah is an asset to any person looking to take it to the next level …”

– Kyle Yelton, Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual Insurance