Business Owners

As a small business owner, your resources are precious. You need a team that can get the job done on time and with confidence that enhances your brand and grows your market—plus ensures effective communication with ongoing clients and customers—whether they’re employees, contractors, vendors or even if you’re a one-person show trying to learn it all yourself. Training this team takes up time, energy and money. How do you do it?

Communications training, one of the most important aspects of team development and business success, is how you ensure a consistent, effective message at all levels. For sales coaching, business leadership coaching, soft skills coaching and personal coaching on successfully communicating, you can afford outside expertise: Communications coaching by Kealah Parkinson is affordable and effective. Your team members will appreciate that you care enough to seek out help. They’ll value the practical application of Kealah’s 3 Keys to Communication©. And the custom content you request will be tailored to your team’s needs and interests, so they further identify with and appreciate the takeaways.

The bonus benefits of Kealah Parkinson’s communications coaching have included happier, more confident and focused team members who work more effectively together in concert, and who attract more clients with ease.



Here’s what some of Kealah’s past clients have said:


“[Kealah does an] excellent job. [She’s] very good at keeping everyone engaged!”

– Jerry Murdock, Owner, Your Values Magazine


“I was immediately impressed with how well she was able to identify with issues that [my staff] always needs to address, and how to improve on customer service. The feedback from my staff was extremely positive. … As a business owner, I would highly recommend Kealah to other businesses and I will definitely work with her again!”

– Terry Abner, Owner, Terry Abner Salon