About Kealah

Kealah (KEE-la) Parkinson is a Communications Coach with over 15 years of experience in the communications industry.

Formally trained in journalism, she spent the late ’90′s through the early 21st century working as a creative producer, speechwriter and speech coach for various Fortune 500 corporations.

Her current work fuses speeches coaching with personal growth methods: Using her proprietary 3 Keys to Communication, Kealah teachers clients to unlock “brain freeze” moments by identifying emotional triggers through their bodies’ cues, and then creating personal mottos that can correct negative thought processes.

About KiKi Productions, Inc.

Originally begun in 2003 as a mnemonic to help speech coach clients pronounce and remember the name Kealah Parkinson, KiKi Productions, Inc. has evolved from a freelancer’s word tool to a functioning consulting business. Kealah and her team come to you to meet your needs as you define them — wherever you are.